COVID-19 Update 6/11/2020

Over the last several months, we have all experienced the effects of COVID-19 in one way or another.  We have seen changes in our day to day lives, we have seen unemployment rise to levels that we as a Country have not experienced since the Great Depression and finally, some of us have experienced either the sickness or the passing of loved ones.  We have been put through the most difficult test of strength and determination to get through this very difficult time.  We are now starting to experience small steps to a recovery as establishments start to reopen along with starting to experience some outdoor activities and gatherings as we as a community continue to work on getting back to some form of what has been commonly referred to as the “new normal”.

During this time, your Credit Union was here every single day to serve its members.  It was not an easy task, but we knew we had to be here for our members who were suffering financially from this Pandemic.  Over the last 10 weeks, we have operated daily with 50% less staff.  Although not they best way to run the operation, we needed to be able to quarantine staff in order to ensure that we could continue to run the Credit Union with no interruptions.   This did cause slower response time, longer lines at the drive thru windows and member service calls that did sometimes go to voicemail.  We appreciate your patience as we worked through these shortfalls. We did ask our members to consider utilizing on line services.  We saw an increase in Mobile Deposits of 38% and an increase in On Line Banking of 29% over the last 3 months.   We encourage all or our members to continue to take advantage of our free on line services as they are always available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The question now remains is when is the Credit Union going to open its lobby.   We are now in the process of slowly opening our lobby doors to our members.  Starting June 15th, we will allow member access to our lobby by appointment.  If you wish to perform transactions in our lobby, please call us at (908) 859-2340 option #1 to schedule your appointment. 

You will notice some changes within our lobby when you enter.  You will see protective barriers at all teller stations and at desks.  Staff will be wearing masks.  You will see hand sanitizer stations at the door.  Staff will be cleaning stations and common areas several times during the day.   We will have to limit the number of members in our lobby, so we ask that after you complete your transaction, that you exit the Credit Union.  We do appreciate that fact that our members love to see our Tellers and Loan Officers and will want to catch up…but we cannot allow members to linger for safety reasons.

If you schedule an appointment, we ask that you call us upon arriving at the Credit Union at which time a staff member will let you in.   You will be required to wear a mask and present ID before entering.  You must maintain social distancing at all times.  As we don’t want to put our Staff in any uncomfortable position, if you don’t want to follow the guidelines above, we ask that you continue to use our drive up windows the same as you have been for the last several months.

I want to take a moment to thank you, our loyal member, for all of your patience during this extremely difficult time.  I would also like to thank my Team, the dedicated employees of this Credit Union who worked under very difficult times with very limited resources to serve our members while at the same time dealing with their own family issues, health concerns and childcare issues. 
Thank you for your continued support in your Credit Union

Susan A Rodriguez, CEO
Baker Federal Credit Union